The Five Star Health & Safety Management System ™

How the system works

Following management consultation and agreement, a Safety Projects International Advisor will visit the premises of the participating organization, carry out an initial survey, and produce a detailed report along with a list of recommendations. This all-important first survey brings immediate practical benefits and establishes the foundation on which the 5 STAR program can be progressed. Management now has all the information it needs to set the objectives and targets it wants to attain in the future.

Each grading stands for one year. Your organization must therefore maintain its standards in order to retain its star grading status.

Initial grading takes place around six months after launching the program. Subsequent annual visits and audits continue until your organization has achieved the maximum 5-Star Health & Safety Status.

A step by step program of progressive achievement

Independent, On-Site audits by highly qualified and experienced advisors take your company on a step-by-step program of progressive improvement by:

  • Identifying program weaknesses, risks and losses
  • Advising how these can be reduced or eliminated
  • Auditing your management and staff practices
  • Establishing clear objectives for implementing further progress
  • Assessing your performance so you achieve an internationally recognized star grading

Star Grading is based on a points system. Points are allocated to each of five main categories. Star status is based on the total combined number of points scored. In addition, the participating organization must show a reduction in lost time injuries and sickness absences in order to qualify.

Success Stories
There are specific Industry Modules
1. General Industry

Incorporates the 78 elements listed below

2. Construction

Incorporates the 78 elements listed below

3. Marine

Incorporates the 78 elements in 5 categories

4. Hospitals

Incorporates the 78 elements plus 17 specific Hygiene and Sanitation Requirements

5. Offshore Production

In addition to the 78 elements, the 29 components to the right are audited

6. Aviation

The Aviation Health & Safety Management System has 78 seperate elements, in addition to site specific requirements

29 Extra components for Offshore Industry
  1. Departure/Arrival (via helicopter)
  2. Departure/Arrival (via support vessel)
  3. Drillfloor
  4. Derrick/Monkey Board/Crown
  5. Shaker room
  6. BOP Accumulators Control System
  7. Pit Room/Pump Room
  8. Sack Store
  9. Moonpool/Spider Deck
  10. Paint Locker
  11. Welding Shop/Work Shops
  12. Warehouse and Storage Areas
  13. Ballast Control/Bridge
  14. Helideck
  15. Mud Logging Unit 16. Cementing Unit
  16. Explosives and Radioactive Substances
  17. Cranes
  18. Main Deck
  19. Accommodations
  20. Engine Rooms /Auxiliary Machinery Rooms
  21. /Emergency Generator Room/SCR Room
  22. Radio Room
  23. Diving Facility
  24. Pump Rooms/Thruster Rooms
  25. Safety Records/Thruster Rooms
  26. Operational Controls
  27. Drillstem Testing - Prior to Testing
  28. Drillstem Testing - Prior to Perforating
  29. Drillstem Testing - During Test

The 5 Program Categories (78 Elements)

Premises and Housekeeping

Including Buildings and Floors, Lighting, Ventilation, Hygiene, Pollution, Housekeeping, Storage, Scrap and Refuse disposal.

Electrical, Mechanical and Personal Safeguarding

ncluding Machine Guarding, Ladders, Stairs and Walkways, Lifting Gear, Hazardous Substances control, Motorized equipment, Portable Electrical equipment, General Electrical installations, Tools, Ergonomics, Protective equipment, Clothing and Footwear, Safety Signs.

Fire Protection and Prevention

Ask NOW for details of the Baseline Assessment in the 5-STAR Health & Safety Management System!

Including Means of Escape, Fire Extinguishing equipment, Maintenance of equipment, Storage of Flammable or Explosive Material, Alarm Systems, Fire Drills, Security Systems, Emergency Planning and Response.

Accident Recording and Investigations

Including injury/disease record, Incident reporting and investigation, Damage reporting and investigation, Rehabilitation practices, Incident statistics, Insurance - Apportioning of costs, Incident recall.

Health and Safety Organization

Including Senior Executive Designated Responsible for safety, Person(s) made responsible for safety/occupational hygiene co-ordination, Safety committees, First Aid, Safety Promotion, Annual Report - Loss Control Achievements, Induction and Job Safety Training, Medical Examinations, Stress Control, Biological Hazards, Risk Assessment, Plant Inspections by Safety Representatives, Employment Practices, Internal Safety audits, Written Safe Work Procedures, Planned Job Observation, Off-the-job Safety, Safety Policy - Management involvement, Commitment & Leadership.

Is awarded to an organization which meets basic health and safety standards.
Denotes that an average standard has been achieved and maintained, with a reasonable program
Indicates a good level of health and safety in the organization.
Has an excellent grading based on international standards.
A world leader in health and safety in it's industry.

We visit your premises, audit your management and staff practices, make recommendations and follow these up at regular intervals (as required).

The full 5-Star program requires the participation of the entire work force - from senior management to shop floor. This "team effort" stimulates a feeling of commitment and a real sense of achievement when recognition is given.

Have your own auditor trained and certified by Safety Projects International Inc.

Ask NOW for details of the Baseline Assessment in the 5-STAR Health & Safety Management System!

Those certified after training on a 5-day course are then authorized to carry out 5-Star audits within their own organization, and to submit those audits for evaluation in the 5-Star System.

Safety Projects International will, of course, verify prior to stars being awarded.

Full details on request

Your consultant, arriving from Safety Projects International will spend up to five days carrying out an initial survey (depending on the company's size). This Baseline Assessment is the first step in a continuing 5-Star program, but is complete in itself.

The evaluation and written report which follows from the consultant will enable you to take the action necessary to establish new regimes to eliminate hazards and losses, deal with those immediate problems which may have escaped your organization's attention, and rectify any "weak spots" - particularly where Health and Safety Regulations may be involved.

These recommendations present a vital benefit straightaway to your organization, enabling you to start gaining the co-operation of the work force and managers in making further progress in the 5-Star program.